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Ways To Avoid Jewelry Mistakes.

The post ways to avoid jewelry mistakes will guide you to avoid jewelry mistakes. The information shared will surely help you and make you shine out with your favorite design. We hope you enjoy reading this post and avoid all those mistakes and be a smart person. So, let start:

1. Always Know Your Jewelry Metal

While buying the favorite piece of jewelry ask your jeweler about metal. Make sure you know and you are aware of allergies and skin problems you have.

In the Case of One Gram Jewelry, it’s even more important to know about metal as the art is covered with gold, you may refer to The One Gram Jewelry Buying Guide. You should avoid buying cheap gold jewelry as we all know gold is an expensive metal and we can’t buy gold at a low price but you can go with One gram jewelry as this is the best skin-friendly alternative to your gold buying no doubt you can also try imitation jewelry and we hope you are aware of skin reactions you may face.

2. Store Jewelry Properly

You should store your jewelry properly, avoid contact of humid air, particularly in the bathroom, or in the rainy season don’t keep your jewelry exposed to open air. Expensive metal like silver will tarnish a lot faster when left unworn in the open air. In the case of One Gram Jewelry, you may consider reading how to care the One gram jewelry.

I will suggest keeping your jewelry in a plastic bag, then to a cardboard box, you can order one set here.
If you prefer to display your jewelry, then be prepared to clean it much more regularly – and don’t forget to dust it too!

3. Cleaning Your Jewellery

So many people fail to clean their jewelry regularly, which is an important task. We’ll suggest cleaning your jewelry twice a month at least, here is a guide on how to clean your One Gram Jewelry safely and correctly. You may consider reading How to care one gram jewelry too to be more aware.

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