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Elegant Gold Nose Pins

“When are you getting your nose pierced?” 

The most common question a girl must have heard from relatives, family, and friends. 

Well, for women it represents womanhood and elegance ( and for some a sense of rebellion!). In India, it is considered a tradition just like mangalsutra, bangles, and sindoor. If you are thinking that the concept of wearing a nose pin originated in India, then you are absolutely wrong! The Middle East and indigenous civilizations in South and Central America, Central Asia, and Australia are some of the regions where nose pins are worn even before the concept came to India. And you will be surprised to know that in Central Africa, it was a culture to gift gold nose pins as it represents the wealth of the groom! 

If you have a round face or oval face or any other face cut and are worried if you will be able to find the perfect nose pin for yourself? You can rely on Sakhi Jewellers. But before answering the question WHY SAKHI JEWELLERS? Let us have a look at the Collection of gold nose pins that you will be able to find here.

  1. Gold Nose Pins for Long Faces.

A nose pin studded with colorful gemstones or beaded with a pattern will be ideal if you have a long face. (Are you also able to imagine it?) Sakhi Jeweller’s Detachable Gold nose pin’s splash of color will draw the attention of everyone around you. 

  1. Gold Nose Pins for Round Faces

A nose pin with a few vertical dimensions complements a round face. It adds contrast to your face, making it appear less round and more even. At Sakhi Jewellers you can personalize your beads or gemstones. If you have a broad nose and large nostrils, our  small gold nose pin will be perfect for you. If your nose is small and pointed, you can go for our simple pearl or gemstone nose pin in a hoop.

  1. Gold Nose Pins for Angular Faces

Our nose pin designs can soften the well-defined and sharp features of angular faces. You can go for segmented gold nose pins. You can even customize it based on your personal preferences and sense of style. 

  1. Gold Nose Pins that suit all face cuts

There are some nose pins that suit everyone irrespective of the face cuts. A gold nose pin is a timeless and classic combination that exudes elegance. They may appear to be a traditional option, but the unique designs available at Sakhi Jewelers give even traditional gold a modern look. You can also go for a flower-bent gold nose ring which can be worn with both ethnic and western outfits. 


Sakhi Jewellers is one of the best Jewellery shop in Ratlam. It is known for its highest quality and elegant designs. All of these designs are meticulously crafted to perfection, allowing you to customize the product’s gold purity and color or diamond clarity. The promise of Purity, Best Prices, and Transparency make Sakhi Jewellers an ideal choice for purchasing gold nose pins. The young team with modern ideas and designs along with the traditional team expertise in antique designs at Sakhi Jewellers are focused on innovation, customer happiness, and transparency and addresses the growing demands of today’s always-on-the-go consumers to discover, explore, buy, and learn more about their jewelry. Sakhi Jewellers have designs to suit every mood, budget, and occasion, whether you want plain gold, diamond, or gemstone jewelry. 

Where to buy Gold nose pins in Ratlam?

If you are searching for Gold Nose Pin in Ratlam, head your way toward Sakhi Jewellers, a premium jewelry brand in Ratlam. You will find the latest and unique nose pin designs there. The address is 181, Chandni Chowk, Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh 457001. We are confident that you will not return empty-handed from the shop! (Don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section)

What is the benefit of wearing a nose pin?

Piercing the nose and wearing a nose pin helps in disturbing energy that negatively affects our system. It aids in the improvement of the female reproductive system and lowers infertility. Intriguingly, the ancient Ayurveda text Sushruta Samhita has several health advantages related to nose piercing that goes beyond its modern connotations as a symbol of beauty or a fashion statement.

Are there any making charges on Nose Pins?

The answer is YES. The charge ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 2000 as per the weight and design of the nose pin. These charges are included in the price of the  Nose pins.

On which side women should wear a nose pin?

Women in hindu tradition usually pierce the left side of their nose.There are claims that piercing the left side can help with menstruation and/or childbirth pain.

Key Takeaway

Buying a piece of jewelry is a big decision! Make sure you make it right by buying the best and most elegant piece of jewelry from Sakhi Jewellers, where you can get a plethora of options, and the gold nose pin you select will be uniquely yours. They are dedicated to provide YOU with an exceptional jewelry-purchasing experience. 

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