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Requirements & advantages to become a business associate:

  • Fluent English and Hindi: Strong communication skills in both English and Hindi, both spoken and written, are essential for effective interaction with clients and colleagues.
  • Confidence and Energy: As a Business Associate, you will be representing Sakhi Jewellers and engaging with potential customers. It’s important to exude confidence and display high energy levels to create a positive impression.
  • Presentable Personality: Maintaining a professional appearance is crucial in the business environment. Dress appropriately and present yourself in a manner that reflects the brand’s values and professionalism.
  • Smartphone: Having a smartphone is a minimum requirement to stay connected, access business-related apps, and communicate with clients and team members efficiently.
  • Self Vehicle: As a Business Associate, you may need to travel to meet clients, attend meetings, or perform other business-related tasks. Owning a personal vehicle will provide you with the flexibility and convenience required for your role.
  • Availability from 10 AM to 6 PM IST: The working hours specified by Sakhi Jewellers are from 10 AM to 6 PM Indian Standard Time (IST). Being available during these hours is important to ensure you can actively engage with customers, handle inquiries, and participate in team activities.
  • Remuneration based on performance: The compensation structure for the Business Associate role at Sakhi Jewellers is commission-based. Your earnings will depend on your performance and the results you achieve. The more successful you are in generating sales and meeting targets, the higher your commission will be.

  • Flexible timing: While the role offers flexibility in terms of working hours, it is important to ensure that you are available and responsive to client needs. You have the freedom to manage your schedule and work at your own pace, but it is crucial to prioritize client visits and be available to meet their requirements whenever necessary.

These points emphasize the performance-driven nature of the role and the importance of maintaining a balance between flexibility and responsiveness to ensure client satisfaction. Remember, these are just a few pointers, and it’s always recommended to review the specific requirements and expectations provided by Sakhi Jewellers when applying for the position of a Business Associate. Good luck with your application!