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This section describes the Gold rate in Ratlam, the different rates depending on the purity of Gold, and also mentions about 10 gm Gold Rate and 1gm Gold Rate.

Daily rate update

Gold & Silver Rate In Ratlam

24KT Gold Rate 1gm

₹ 6227

22KT Gold Rate 1gm

₹ 5750

18KT Gold Rate 1gm

₹ 5206

Silver Rate Per Gram

₹ 74.30

Find the live Silver rate in the different breakdowns. This will help you understand the live Silver rate of Ratlam Sarafa Market.

Note: Gold and Silver rates have changed every second, and it is not easy for us to update the rate every second, so before booking any order, kindly confirm the rate over a call or WhatsApp us. All rates are for information purposes only. GST applicable extra. Sakhi Jewellers do not guarantee the rate to be similar to all the jewelers; kindly confirm with your jeweler. You can use this rate for your reference. Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of gold rates in India?

India is the second largest importer of gold in the world. The gold rate is the price at which gold can be bought or sold. This rate varies worldwide depending on economic conditions, production rates, demand, and speculation. The importance of gold rates in India can be highlighted by the fact that India imports about 1500 tons of gold every year.

How gold rates are determined in India?

In India, gold is mostly imported by banks, who then sell it to bullion dealers around the country after adding their fees. The Indian Bullion Jewellers Association (IBJA) is the key player who decides the gold rates price on a daily basis. After discussing the buy and sell quote with the country’s ten largest gold dealers, IBJA takes the average of these ‘buy’ and sell quotes, adjusts it with taxes, and calculates the gold rate for a given day.

How is the gold price calculated?

Calculating the price of gold is not as easy as it sounds. The Price of Gold is fixed on a daily basis. Gold price is calculated by Indian Bullion Jewellers Association in India after taking into consideration the buy and sells quotes of the gold dealers and adjusting it with the applicable taxes. Apart from this, the other things which are kept in mind while calculating the gold price are supply, demand, and investor behavior.

How do Jewellers calculate gold jewelry prices?

The rate of gold is decided every day. Each city has its own jewelry association and this is the reason why the price of gold varies in each city. The gold price is determined by the Jewellers on the following basis: Price of (24 Karat 22 Karat or 18 Karat) gold per gram * (Weight of Gold to be bought in grams) + Jeweller’s Making charges + GST at 3% on (Jewellery Price + making charges).

How to find the gold rate in Ratlam?

You are well aware that gold rates change every day. We all have phones so why not use them for finding and staying updated with the gold rates in Ratlam? No, you don’t need to google it. All you need to do is subscribe to our WhatsApp for automated gold rate updates. Far from being just an online store, we’re committed to providing our customers with an unmatched level of service that starts even before they buy from us.