Sakhi Swarna Siddhi

Sakhi Swarna Siddhi Yojana makes it easy for you to buy gold ornaments by making small monthly savings. Along with this, it also frees you from worrying about the rising price of gold. In Sakhi Jewellers' Swarna Siddhi Yojana, you can buy jewelery of your choice, that too for more than the amount you deposited, let's understand how:

This plan is for 10 months and every month you can start this plan by depositing an installment of only Rs 1,000.


ParticularValue (₹)
Amount deposited by you: 10,000 X 101,00,000
Discount by Sakhi Jewellers in 13th month: (90%) = (10,000 x 90%)9,000
Total redemption value in 13th month1,09,000
For Illustration purpose only.

In this way, you can buy jewelery worth Rs 109,000 with 90% discount (of your first installment) in the 13th month, as well as the minimum Rs 1000 and maximum any amount (in multiples of Rs 100) in this scheme as per your convenience can be invested.

NOTE: This is NOT AN INVESTMENT SCHEME. It's a plan of purchase.

Benefit of Gold Rate Protection

We at Sakhi Jewellers believe in the prosperity of our customers, thus we insure our customers get the most out of the amount they deposit with us. We convert your installment into gold immediately. It's similar like you doing a SIP.  To understand better check the table below: 

MONTHInstallment Amt. (₹)Gold RateGold Weight (IN GM)
Total1,00,000 19.13
Sakhi's Discount90% 1.63
Total with discount1,14,266 20.77
Calculation for explanation only.

In this way, by investing in the changing rates of the entire plan period, you can make your purchases according to the average rate of gold and keep your investment 100% safe with the rising trend of gold rates, that too with 90% additional gold to be given on the 1st installment amount.

DetailsValue (₹)Gold Weight (In Gm)Benefit (₹)
Without Gold Rate Protection1,09,00019.81- 5266
With Gold Rate Protection1,14,26620.77+ 5266


Open a new account on the website or one of our store.

Pay a minimum installment of ₹1000 or any grater in multiple of ₹100 for 10 months with cash/online banking using UPI or post dated cheque.

Avail a special discount of upto 90% of the 1st installment value, at the time of redemption

Own your favourite Sakhi jewellery with the total redemption value

Still confused? Here is quick comparison

We give you the best discount so that you can buy your dream gold and silver jewelry easily.

month wise discountTanishqSakhi Jewellers^Extra*
11th Month55%60%5%
12th Month65%75%10%
13th Month75%90%15%

Some other Amazing benefits of Swarna Siddhi

1. Freedom from the worry of rising gold prices.
2. Make the future of your family golden and secure.
3. Create an affluent lifestyle with easy purchase of jewellery.
4. Facility of payment through various digital means.
5. Alert of deposit of installments
6. Get the latest status of your plan on WhatsApp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll/start Sakhi Swarna Siddhi PoP?

Anyone who is above age of 18 can start this POP. You need to submit pancard details of the person who will be paying for the installment. 

Can we redeem discount early?

Yes, you can redeem early but not before 300 days where discount range between 55% to 75% you can refer the table above.

*Sakhi Swarna Siddhi Yojana is not an investment scheme, it is a purchase scheme through which you can do advance payment in installment and buy gold jewellery, you can read all the terms and conditions related to this scheme here: Swarna Siddhi Terms and Conditions . For other information, you can contact our representative by filling the form given above.