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Want To Slay This Wedding Season?

Jewellery Trends

Year 2021! Coronavirus! Lockdown! Online weddings! Who wants to remember this year? But thank god it’s over! Now it’s time to take out all your new clothes, shoes and jewelry. Yes, Jewellery. Oh, you forget? There will be lots of marriages lined up. What about the latest jewelry? You pampered your skin and took care of your body. But what about changing your wardrobe and your old style?

2022 is a new and special year. Nowadays people prefer having a small wedding and tend to spend more on jewelry. Mix matching and minimalism are the new trends! Aren’t you excited to know what the jewellery trends for 2022 are? Read on to know more about the jewelry that is trending and will make you look prettier in this wedding season

Jewellery Trends

It is rightly said “ You are not fully dressed unless you sparkle”. Don’t you want to look different than others in this wedding season? Do you know top jewelry trends? Check them out right here:

  1. Diamonds

Diamonds are women’s best friends! Diamonds are a popular bridal choice. Not only brides, but the other wedding guests will also like to slay by wearing a diamond necklace or bracelet. But as said 2022 is different. People are switching from heavy diamond design sets to minimal and elegant designs. The Gold and diamond combination is the new bridal jewelry trend.

  1.  Polki Jewelry

Yes! Polki Jewelry has made a major comeback. An effortlessly elegant style that is versatile enough to be paired with outfits of any shade and tone. Most people are found wearing this type of jewelry in the wedding season, regardless of whether their outfit is trendy or traditional.

  1. Temple jewelry

For a south Indian temple, jewelry is the latest trend in jewelry in India. Temple jewelry is hefty and made of gold, with red and green precious stones. Many of them have big designs of goddesses and are very complex designs that take days to complete. The look of this jewelry is enhanced when worn with a Kanjeevaram saree.

  1. Rings

We all know that the western world has had an impact on our Indian fashion. In 2022, the trend of wearing big rings has increased. This flexible piece can be used with traditional Indian jewelry as well as to complete your western style.

  1. Matha Patti

It is a piece of Indian head jewelry to adorn your head. This year people (Especially the brides-to-be) are inclined more towards matha Patti. A lot of new and modern designs of matha Patti are available in the market. Embedded with a glittering stone and influenced by the Mughal style, it provides the bride an attractive appearance.

  1. Chokers

Not to forget! Chokers are on the list of top jewelry trends. . The 90’s era is back in 2022. The brides especially want a choker on their special day. Chokers are all in one jewelry, from contemporary to elegant and traditional to fashionable which can make you slay in your outfit. The year’s most wanted jewelry. They give a classy and regal look

  1. Chandbali

Big and elegant earrings! The design of these Chandbali is so perfect that all the women are attracted to it. Isn’t the name really interesting? If you see Chandbali you will notice that they are somewhat similar to the shape of a moon.  When you wear Chandbali they enhance your look. They are enough to make you sparkle at your reception or engagement. When wearing them, avoid wearing heavy necklaces. These can be worn with lehenga, suits, and sarees as well.

  1. Maang Tikka

How can you forget mangtika? The fashion of wearing them is back! The maang-tikka is more than just a pretty piece of jewelry that is worn by ladies. A small maang tikka can enhance your look dramatically. And brides like a big and heavy maang tikka.

  1. Bracelets

Wearing bracelets can make your look complete. And for the brides, it adds a shine to their look. After all, this year’s brides are all about the glitz and glam. If you are wearing a long-sleeved outfit adding a bracelet is a perfect idea.


Jewelry is worn so that they make you more beautiful. You need to keep track of the latest trends of jewelry just like you keep of clothes. Who doesn’t want to look pretty and slay at the wedding? The year 2022 is all about keeping jewelry minimal but the best! Don’t wear all things at the same time. Choose your jewelry wisely. Also don’t you all agree on the point that- No matter how many trends may come and go. Gold Jewelry will always be preferred in Indian weddings as they represent purity, class, and good luck. This wedding season wear these latest trends of jewelry and stand out from the others!

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