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Ratlam Gold Jewelry

Ratlam, historically known as Ratnapuri, is a small city in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The district is well known for its gold jewelry all over India. The quality of gold jewelry available in other cities is not as good as Ratlam Gold Jewelry. So if you are fond of gold ornaments, we are giving you the reasons why you should visit Ratlam’s gold market at least once. Read on to know more about Ratlam gold. 

Why is Ratlam gold famous?

Although other places of the nation are also expanding their gold business, Ratlam stands out in the competition. So let’s see what all features make the city so famous for its gold-related products. 

  • Ratlam district is the only one in India where you can get 92% pure gold, i.e. gold products of the city contain 92% pure gold and 8% other constituents. 
  • Ratlam is famous for 24 karat gold. 24 karat gold is the soft and purest gold known used for making many items. 
  • Both raw gold, as well as ornaments are available in the city. You may either purchase ornaments or get the natural gold for your business here. 
  • The city is famous for its goldsmiths. Many communities sell gold commodities only; they are purely in the gold business. 
  • Ratlam has many marketplaces destined primarily for gold stores and showrooms. Whenever you visit the city, don’t forget to visit these renowned marketplaces. 
  • Most of the gold dealers of Ratlam are nationwide trusted. Therefore, people from other states come to this district of Madhya Pradesh to buy ornaments made from gold.
  • Investing in gold results in crores of turnover for even a small Ratlam Jewelry Shop. This is something huge for a small city. 

What are the gold items available in the city?

As stated earlier, you can purchase either raw gold or gold items from the district. We have listed a few gold products commonly accessible here. 

  1. Gold items are primarily designed as ornaments. Some of the well known Ratlam Gold Jewelry patterns available in the market are:
  • Low weight gold jewelry
  • Rajwadi pattern jewelry 
  • Jodha Akbar pattern jewelry 
  • Kundan pattern jewelry
  • Polki pattern gold jewelry
  1. Apart from ornaments, Ratlam gold is also purchased in the form of gold coins, gold bullions, and gold plates. 
  1. The city also sells a variety of especially designed gold utensils and religious statues. 
  1. Gold is a predominant financial commodity in the Ratlam district. Citizens either invest in digital gold, physical gold or stocks of gold businesses. 

What precautions to take while buying a gold product?

Even though Ratlam jewellers and goldsmiths are trusted nationwide, you must check the following points before paying for your favourite necklace, bangles or other items:

  • Purity – A jewelry piece may appear very attractive to you but never buy it without checking the purity of its metal. Look for 22k gold in the case of ornaments and 24k gold for coins or bars. 
  • Weight – Make sure to be clear about the weight of your gold material because the greater the weight of the item, the greater will be its price. 
  • Labor Charges – Total cost of a gold product displayed in its bill incorporates the labour charge also. Therefore, always go for those shops which demand lower making charges. 
  • Gold Rate – Before setting out to purchase any gold commodity, don’t forget to check the current gold rate. This will prevent you from being fooled by goldsmiths. 
  • Certificate – Before you pay out, check for the brand’s hallmark in the product. Always ask the Ratlam Jewelry Shop Keeper for the purity certificate of your gold item so that if any discrepancy occurs in the future, you have the evidence. 

Why is Ratlam famous for gold jewelry? 

The purity of gold has made Ratlam famous for its jewelry. The town uses 24 karat gold in its items, which is the purest form of gold. As a result, people from different places come here to buy gold commodities. Also, the quality of Ratlam Gold Jewelry is much better than those sold in other cities.

Which gold should be looked for while buying jewelry? 

Purchase jewelry made from 916 gold that is 22 karat gold. This gold is pure and good for jewelry purposes. Don’t buy 24k gold ornaments because this gold is too soft for jewelry. 

Does Ratlam also deal in diamond and silver jewelry?

Yes, gold jewelry showrooms of the city also deal in diamond, silver, copper as well as brass jewelry. 

Do gold jewelry stores in Ratlam sell hallmarked gold ornaments?

Yes, a Ratlam Jewelry Shop hallmarks the ornaments it sells. Make sure to check for a hallmark before paying out for your gold jewelry. 

What other things is Ratlam famous for? 

The district of Madhya Pradesh is renowned for three things: Gold, sarees and snacks. Apart from these, Ratlam is also known for its religious places and tourist destinations. 

Is Ratlam gold expensive? 

Like other cities, Ratlam also depends on the import of unrefined gold. Therefore, the rate of gold is determined by various factors, but since you get pure gold here, the cost of items would be relatively higher. 


Now you must have got a clear understanding of what makes Ratlam Gold Jewelry so unique as well as exclusive. These high-quality gold products are available at reasonable rates.  The price may be a little higher than other places, but then again, the quality is what matters the most. You can not compromise with the quality; after all, it’s about your favorite jewelry piece out there.

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