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4 +4 = 92% is a Ratlam sarafa symbol. Which mean this gold jewelry has only 8 percent of other metal, and the rest is pure gold. So 92% is the highest standard of gold jewelry which is more than 91.6.

Yes, we have a good collection of 916 BIS Hallmarked Gold Jewelry.

Yes, Sakhi Jewellers purchase old gold & silver jewelry at the best possible rate. All jewelry is passed through a quality check, and We provide the highest amount possible on selling or exchanging your old gold or silver jewelry.

925 is another name for Sterling Silver Jewelry.

1 g gold jewellery is not actual gold, but rather a covering of 22k gold! Be it earrings, necklaces, rings, or bangles everything is available in 1 g Jewellery. One of the most significant advantages of 1 g gold jewellery is that it appears to be genuine gold. It is accessible at affordable rates and in many designs and patterns.

While making jewelry a lot of gold is wasted and jewelry designers charge a price for the gold that is wasted throughout the process, which is known as wastage costs. The wastage charges levied vary depending on the type of jewelry and might range from 2% to 25%.  Gold wastage is Calculated in the following way = Making Charges + Wastage Charges + Cost of Stones if any + VAT.


Gold Jewelry is a secure and safe investment option. It is not just a good tool to protect against market volatility; it is also an untraceable asset that may be used when you do not have any paper cash. Some of the benefits of purchasing gold jewelry as an investment include:

  • Gold jewelry has a global market and is in high demand.
  • You can wear your investment to boost your social standing.
  • Gold is tarnishing-resistant.

Gold Jewelry

Gold Jewelry is easily replicated in fake jewelry and metal mixtures. But don’t worry there are ways in which you can identify whether the jewelry is of gold or not.

  • Check for BIS Logo on the jewelry.
  • Check the gold purity in the jewelry, which is shown in two ways: Karat (denoted as KT or K) and fineness number.
  • Jeweller’s Identification mark must be checked
  • Ensure that there is the logo of the laboratory where the gold is tested for purity. 

22k gold Jewelry is an amazing combination of 22k gold along with metals like copper or silver which makes it more durable and harder than 24K gold jewelry. 22k gold jewelry can easily withstand regular wear and tear. Wait there’s more, 22k Gold Jewelry has a high gold content i.e., 92%. Buying 22K gold jewelry is the best decision you can make.

Without any doubt, both 22k and 24 K gold jewelry are appealing and elegant. 24k gold has a bright hue and is more expensive than other jewelry as it is made up of pure gold. But it can be easily broken and scratched. On the other hand, 22k gold is combined with harder metals such as copper or silver, 22K jewelry is slightly more durable than 24K jewellery. So, if you are planning to invest then go for 24K and if you want jewelry then choose 22K.